#37 – Supt. Rob Hill – Police and Schools Working Together

This episode features a Superintendent, but not the kind you would normally think would be on a show about education. Instead, we speak with Superintendent Rob Hill, Assistant District Officer – Central Alberta District of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Superintendent Hill started in the Canadian Armed Forces before joining the RCMP. Since then he has worked in both rural and urban settings in many communities across Canada.

Working together with Police Services and Schools can help some of the our most difficult students and help them to find success later in life. I was interested to ask Superintendent Hill what he has seen as working well in his experience and how we might work better to ensure safe and prosperous communities. He did not disappoint and I think everyone who works in schools will take something away from our conversation.

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Show Notes:

Developing relationships between schools and police (2:55)

Best practices for schools when working with police (3:40)

Parallels between policing and education (8:37)

Tips for helping youth make good choices (13:10)

Difference between urban and rural settings (16:40)

Leadership values (19:10)

Information for prospective RCMP Police Officers

RCMP Heritage Centre and Depot in Regina, SK.

Book recommendation:

It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by D. Michael Abrashoff

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