#48 – Dr. Randy Hetherington, Bryn Spence & Corey Haley – Leader’s Round Table

In this episode we have a special edition of the podcast where I am speaking with 2 of my good friends, who also happen to be 2 of the top educational leaders in North America. First, we have  Bryn Spence, Principal of High Park School in Stony Plain, Alberta. We also have Dr. Randy Hetherington, Assistant Professor at the University of Portland in Oregon. There is some history between the 3 of us, as there was a time when we all worked as administrators in the same school. It was during this time that we realized that has different perspectives on issues, which lead to great discussions when we were working out problems or wrestling with questions. 

That is what we are hoping to accomplish here. We’ll go around the table and will bring up questions or issues that we are facing, from there we’ll discuss the issue and see if we all land on the same side. We hope that this conversation incites thought from your side too, reach out to us if you have comments on our conversation.

Dr. Randy Hetherington – @rwhetherington
Bryn Spence – @brynspence
Corey Haley – @coreyhaley

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