#68 – Dr. Steven Katz – The Intelligent, Responsive Leader

Dr. Steven Katz from OISE

Dr. Steven Katz who is a faculty-member in Applied Psychology & Human Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto (UT), where he teaches in the Child Study and Education graduate program. He is the recipient of the OISE/UT-wide award for teaching excellence. In addition, he is the Director of the research, evaluation, and capacity-building firm, Aporia Consulting Ltd.

Dr. Katz has a Ph.D. in human development and applied psychology, with a specialization in applied cognitive science. His areas of expertise include cognition and learning, teacher education, networked learning communities, leading professional learning, evidence-informed decision-making for school improvement, and leadership for system change. He has received the Governor General’s medal for excellence in his field, and has been involved in research and evaluation, professional development, and consulting with a host of educational organizations around the world. He is an author of several best-selling books, including Leading Schools in a Data-Rich World, Building and Connecting Learning Communities, Intentional Interruption, and The Intelligent, Responsive Leader.

You can follow his new work on the OISE website.

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