#77 Dr. Ryan Dunn – Developing Teaching Expertise

In this episode we bring you a conversation with Dr. Ryan Dunn. Dr. Dunn was the very first guest on this podcast and I wanted to speak with him again as he recently came out with a new book.

Dr. Ryan Dunn has considerable experience within education and has advised and collaborated with schools and districts across Australia, the USA and Canada. He has worked extensively with school leaders in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Alberta to support leadership development at a system, network and school level.

As a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne his work focuses on teacher professional learning, educational leadership, mathematics, and middle level leadership. His latest book co-authored with Professor John Hattie, Developing teaching expertise: A guide to adaptive professional learning design, focuses on the effectiveness of adaptive approaches for school improvement. Ryan recently delivered the keynote presentation for the Victorian Department of Education Principal Forums on leading improvement in complex times.

You can connect with Dr. Dunn on Twitter or check out his page at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

His book, Developing Teaching Expertise, is now available.

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