#1 – Dr. Ryan Dunn – Getting a Better Sense of How

Corey Haley and Dr. Ryan Dunn at the ATA uLead Conference in Banff, Alberta. Photo Credit: Bryn Spence

“We have a really good sense of the what… What we are really grappling with and struggling with in education systems is the how.” – Dr. Ryan Dunn

Dr. Ryan Dunn is a lecturer at Melbourne University. He started his career as a successful primary teacher before moving to study under Dr. John Hattie (author of Visible Learning) looking at the effectiveness of practitioner research as a form of teacher professional learning. He has worked in the Australian states of Victoria and Queensland, in New York City, in California and now in the Canadian province of Alberta.

You can connect with Ryan on twitter at @DunnEducation or visit his website at https://ryandunnconsulting.com/

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