#2 – Terri Lynn Guimond – Using Learning Sprints

Terry Lynn

Terri Lynn is a lead learner who serves as a Principal with Evergreen Catholic Schools in Spruce Grove, Alberta.  She is an avid consumer of knowledge and seeker of change. In her more than 20 years in education, Terri Lynn has explored learning in all grades, from kindergarten to grade 12, and as a result brings a systems focused mindset to school based problems of practice.

In this episode, we will focus on Learning Sprints. This is a way of organizing teacher learning in short cycles with the goal of improving student success. A learning sprint first involves a team learning about a practice that they believe will positively affect student performance. Then, running a sprint, which means to put the practice into place and evaluate the impact.

You can connect with Terri Lynn on Twitter: @TLGuimond

Many of the tools Terri Lynn speaks about are available on the Agile Schools website.

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