#9 – Dr. Joanne Blannin – Educational Technology


In this episode, we speak with Dr. Joanne Blannin.

She is currently the Digital Learning Leader at the Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne. She recently completed her Doctorate of Education – looking at teachers and schools using the Internet in their classrooms.

She has taught in England, France and Michigan in the USA before settling down in Australia.  She has been a teacher in private and public schools, in outdoor education and in foreign language settings.

Before moving to the university, she had a leadership role in a school and in the Department of Education supporting the use of laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards. She helped teachers find learning opportunities in the classrooms.

Jo sees technology to be a powerful force for learning, but also recognizes the hurdles and challenges parents and teachers face in the day to day use of technology.

She is a self-confessed tech nut, but what I really appreciate about Jo is her balanced perspective, she understands that technology is a tool, but is not always the best tool for learning.

You can connect with Dr. Blannin on twitter (@joblannin) or on her website (http://www.thetechknowparent.com/)

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