#51 – Nicole Lakusta – Technology for Learning

This episode features Nicole Lakusta. Nicole is Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator for Parkland School Division and is the winner of this year’s ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Interactive Video Conferencing Network Educator Award.

In our conversation we focus on how technology helps teachers have impact on student learning and she gives a lot of suggested links and resources, so be sure to check out the show notes.

You can follow Nicole on Twitter @nlakusta or visit her website at https://ottomat3ch.wordpress.com/

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Show Notes:
Learning and Technology Policy Framework
Read and Write for Google Chrome
Cisco and Compugen TelePresence Project in Parkland
ISTE – Interactive Video Conferencing Network Educator Award
SETT Framework by Joy Zabala
Educational Technology Council of the ATA
Growing Up Digital Study
The Promise and Peril of Emerging Technologies Research Colloquium Series (ATA)
The Horizon Report
Gartner Top Tech Trends
Cozmo Robot
Cue Robot
Alberta Professional Practice Standards – TQS, LQS, SLQS
Laura Lipton – Groups at Work book
FlipGrid for Educators Resources

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