#22 – Jesse McLean & Travis McNaughton – Personalized Learning

Episode 22 - Jesse & Travis (1)

The conversation today is not with one outstanding educator but with two, Jesse McLean and Travis McNaughton.  Jesse currently works with Alberta Education in the Research research on a secondment. He has been a teacher and administrator at multiple schools. Travis is currently principal at 3 schools, Forest Green Elementary School, Connections for Learning and Brightbank Academy with Parkland School Division in Alberta, Canada. He has experience at all levels of schooling and with multiple delivery methods.

In this podcast, I feel it is important to be speaking with people who work in many different venues that affect education. Both Travis and Jesse represent administrators who have led change initiatives with innovative programs in schools. I think their perspective and the lessons they have learned along the way will help you lead change in you school.

You can connect with our guests on Twitter, Jesse is @jmclean77 and Travis is @travdmc.

In the episode Travis and Jesse gave a few recommendations, here are a few:
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