#23 – Gordon Campbell – French Immersion Leadership


My conversation in this episode is with Gordon Campbell. Gordon has worked in French Immersion for over 30 years. He taught at almost every level from the second grade to university. In 2011, he was the recipient of the Canadian Association of Immersion Professional’s or Association canadienne des professionnels en immersion’s (also know as ACPI) prestigious André Obadia Award recognizing excellence in the French Immersion practice. He also received the Manitoba’s Excellence in Education Award in 2012 in the Outstanding School Leader Award category.

I met Gordon and really got to know him through our involvement with ACPI’s national conference and our work on the ACPI French Immersion Leaders Project. He was an influential member of the group and presented many times all over Canada.

Gordon is now retired from the teaching practice but continues to contribute to French Immersion Research. As you will hear in our interview, he recently wrote a book for Educational Leaders who work in French Immersion.

To order his book, please go to the ACPI website. Or use this order form.

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In this episode, Gordon make a few recommendations:

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