#26 – The Third Path – Dr. David Tranter, Lori Carson, & Tom Boland


This episode features Dr. David Tranter, Lori Carson, and Tom Boland, the authors of the book The Third Path: A Relationship-Based Approach to Student Well-being and Achievement. They all have different lived experience: David is an Associate Professor at Lakehead University in the department of Social Work, Lori started in social work, but moved to teaching special education, and Tom is Elementary School Teacher and Professional Learning Consultant.

Together they wrote a book and strategy guides for what they call “The Third Path” that examines student well-being and its relationship to achievement and later life success. Although they do get into a lot of the information, what I think sets this resource apart is the focus on practical application of how to make it come alive in classrooms.

Children who have experienced trauma, who have behaviour concerns, and who have difficulty self-regulating are a big concern for teachers. I think you will gain some practical insight into how you might improve your impact with these students in our interview.

You can connect with them on their website, The Third Path.


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We cover a lot of ground in this interview, but here are some notes and links that are mentioned in the the episode:


Apps and Websites:

Human Development Models mentioned in the interview:

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