#25 – John McGettigan – Teachers Leading Learning & Citizenship

John McGettigan

In this episode we speak with John McGettigan, President of the Saskatoon Teachers Association. John works tirelessly in the service of teachers and of education.

As you’ll hear, John is passionate about ensuring teachers are leaders of learning not only with their students but also amongst themselves. This learning is not limited to the traditional school subjects. He is also a leader in developing citizenship and what it means to be Canadian. He has been part of a team that developed Concentus, a program to teach citizenship based on the Canadian Charter of Rights. He has also been a forerunner in using Learning Sprints as a way to improve teacher practice.

You can connect with John on Twitter @johnmcgettigan.


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Here are some links and highlights mentioned in our conversation:

  • Concentus (http://concentus.ca/): Citizenship resources that directly align with Saskatchewan Social Sciences curricula.
  • Learning Sprints (https://www.learningsprints.org/):Engagement in Learning Sprints supports the adoption of evidence-informed practices and enables educators to collectively plan, act and evaluate their impact. The approach is aligned with the existing research evidence into the features of effective teacher professional learning and the science of behaviour change.

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